Class Information


Private Pilates Session:

Geared to all fitness levels. All the appropriate apparatus will be used during session.


Duet Pilates Session:

Two students share session. According to the students fitness levels they may or may not be performing the same exercises simultaneously. All sessions are structured for optimal results on the individual needs.


Group reformers classes:

Experienced Pilate’s reformer students execute similar strengthening and flexibility exercises during each session.

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bungee ballet:

A ballet – inspired class incorporates overhead bungee cords to increase the challenge for balance and strength. Ballet slippers encouraged all levels welcomed.

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The CoreAlign®, with it's brilliant design and well-thought out repertoire of exercises, will take your Pilates training to the next level. This innovative piece of equipment still utilizes the foundational components of Pilates to improve core as well as upper and lower body strength, balance, flexibility and overall body awareness and control. However, CoreAlign® takes this a step further and adds a cardiovascular aspect. For many of the exercises, you are moving your arms and legs quickly to get your heart pumping and blood moving. A strong heart is just as important as core strength and stability.

Along with this added cardiovascular challenge, the standing design of the CoreAlign® allows the instructor to see and correct movement patterns that directly translate to functional, everyday activities like walking up stairs and picking up a small child. This piece of equipment is also a phenomenal workout addition for amateur and advanced athletes. Exercises on the CoreAlign® can help to build strength and improve form for all types of physical sports and activities.

Who Can Use CoreAlign®?

  • Those who have significant movement limitations or impairments.

  • Those who are physically healthy, but are looking to take their physical ability, body appearance or overall feeling of well-being to an all new level.

  • Amateur and serious athletes who want to pinpoint body weeknesses and improve athletic form and ability.

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2018 launches our newest class, the Oov®, for your functional training. The Oov® is a powerful device that mimics the body and creates a state of instability so that the user is forced to engage and fire muscles that might have become weak or uninvolved. We need these muscles to fire correctly in our everyday movement and the Oov® will help you find them! Overall balance, body imbalance, fascial release, muscle strengthening and neuromuscular feedback -which improves body control, can be improved with the Oov®. Just by laying on it and being still will help to stimulate core muscles and find body imbalances. The Oov ® provides the necessary feedback for the body and mind to improve movement patterns.

To sum it up, the Oov® helps to achieve more efficient movement, which we can all use!